Are you a parent or caregiver
of a child with special needs?

Seeking direction in starting your journey?

Would you like help along the way?

We understand your feelings and concerns — we have been there too!
CACSE is your gateway to support.

As you rise up to the possibilities that lay before you, our families, educators and service providers in St. Mary’s County will help you make that journey!  If this is your first visit to the CACSE web site, we encourage you to look around!

What can CACSE do for me?

CACSE offers parents and caregivers the opportunity to become more knowledgeable about local, state, and national special education issues and resources. We encourage parents and caregivers to share their knowledge with others just starting the journey, or who want to work on similar goals. We collaborate with the SMCPS Department of Special Education to improve the education of all children with special needs. And we collaborate with Partners for Success and and other SECACs and Partners for Success/Family Support Networks in Southern Maryland, as well as disability support groups and service providers, to support our children and their families as we can.