Are you a parent or caregiver
of a child with special needs?

Seeking direction in starting your journey?

Needing help along the way?

We understand your feelings and concerns — we have been there too!  CACSE is your gateway to support.

As you rise up to the possibilities that lay before you, our families, educators and service providers in St. Mary’s County will help you make that journey!  If this is your first visit to the CACSE web site, we encourage you to look around!

Would you like to help other families on their journey?

Would you like to use your experience and perspective to help others? We could use your help!  To learn about CACSE and what we do:

  • DROP BY your school’s Guidance Office or IEP Conference Room
    and pick up a CACSE brochure
  • CONTACT your current CACSE representative, or volunteer to be one.
  • READ the About Us page to learn what we can do!
CACSE is your organization!

We are parents and caregivers, educators, and community organizations who share the task of supporting children with special needs in St. Mary’s County.  We can help you find your way!


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