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There are a number of resources available to parents and caregivers, including the St. Mary’s County Public Schools’ website!  Parents should be aware of the methods teachers and schools are using to communicate general information to their children, including school-specific webpages, phone push notifications (“robocalls”), Home Access Center and Moodle, and teacher email.  Please take the time to go through the SMCPS website and the information it has to offer.

The Department of Special Education has several informative links and resources every parent should be aware of.  Their webpage is  Check back regularly; SMCPS sites do change periodically.

Partners for Success is a partnership between the Maryland State Department of Education and SMCPS.  PFS provides information and services to families, educators and the community; every year several training programs are offered, including what IEPs are all about, aids for behavior and motivation, how to create a special needs trust, services available for your transitioning child, and much more!  In addition, PFS has an extensive lending library of books, videos, and other resources.  Check their offerings at


There are a variety of resources available on-line for parents:  (These websites will be examined and sorted accordingly)

The Minnesota Special Education Advisory Councils and PACER Center have a number of resources available to the public:

Other Resources:

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities

Minnesota Department of Education

Maryland State Department of Education

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