Starting the Journey and Finding your Way

This page will be revised this Spring 2015! Check back on our progress!

Having a child diagnosed with a disability can be a challenging and even frightening prospect.  As parents, we are often overwhelmed by the challenge, unsure about what to expect, confused by the medical and educational jargon, and uncertain about the future.

It will take much time for you to learn your way and become comfortable in the journey.  We hope to provide useful resources that will help you along the path, whether you need information about a specific disability, or a local support group, or useful resources to supplement your child’s educational experience.  Please browse the selections below!  Feedback and suggestions for additions are welcome!

General Resources for All

Maryland Learning Links – MSDE-sponsored website describing the evaluation process, individualized education plans, and instructional methods for teachers and parents.

For information on specific disabilities, click here!

For information on local and regional support groups, click here!

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